Cross Europe Challenge is a unique cross country rally on motorcycles and scooters. It is the ultimate challenge for those who love adventure travel and extreme sport.


the first ever season of Cross Europe Challenge encompasses a fascinating track throughout few of the best sightseeing spots of Europe.


Please find below all details needed for participation in the 2013 season of Cross Europe Challenge.



Cross Europe Challenge registration is open for any interested participants from across the world. Participants can register online by visiting the link:



The organizing committee reviews each participant application very carefully to select those who meet the challenge's selection criteria. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject/refuse any participant's entry in accordance with the selection criteria. The selection criteria and guidelines are listed below:



- At the time of registration any participant must be 18 years of age or older.

- The participant must hold a valid European motorcycle driving license or an international driving license.

- The participants must have a minimum experience of 6 months driving motorcycles / scooters.

- The participant must have the physical ability to join Cross Europe Challenge.


All participants are requested to submit clear scanned copies of the following documents at the time of registration to
- ID or Passport

- Driving license (Local or international)

- Personal photo

A valid European motorcycle riding license is mandatory for all European participant and a valid international driving license with motorcycle classification is mandatory for all international participants.

Cross Europe Challenge organizing team will hand each participant an event vest and two t-shirts to use during the challenge. Wearing the official vest is a must during the rides, It can be worn on top of your safety jacket.

Do not forget your swimsuit, good sunglasses, a cap and one pair of comfortable shoes.


A minimum safety gear of a motorcycle/scooter helmet, protective jacket and protective gloves is a must for all participants in Cross Europe Challenge. Any further safety gear is optional. Participants without any safety gear will not e permitted to join the challenge.



Please be prepared with the minimum spare parts for your trips. Each participant is responsible for his own spare parts supply. We will carry your spare parts in the chase van (available volume for each participant will be provided after registration)


Depending on your motorcycle/scooter fuel consumption, expect to pay somewhere between €120 to €200 for your entire challenge. These figures are estimated based on the consumption of 400 - 600 cc engines.


Fuel in Europe run between €1.5 to €1.8 per liter (1 US Gallon is 3.78 liters).


Most highways in Europe incur toll charges. As much as we will sometimes try to avoid certain highways to avoid the high toll charges, we will at many other times ride through major highways that will require us to pay tolls. Expect to pay around €100 on avaerage for the entire Cross Europe Challenge route.


There will be free parking facility at the challenge hotels every night, however if you take your motorcycle/scooter for a city tour, you must watch carefully for the parking signals. Most parking lots in Europe are paid facilities.


There are plenty of food choices available in the places we will ride through. Food prices vary depends on personal preferences. Expect to spend around €20 to €30 per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Cross Europe Challenge will provide personal accidents insurance to all participating riders. Motorcycles.\/scooters are not insured so you may need to purchase this on your own.


No vaccination is required. It is suggested that participants bring not only medications for likely gastrointestinal problems but also other prescription for personal use.

The official language of Cross Europe Challenge is English and all communication between the organizing team and riders will be in English.

Local currency is the Euro. Exchange rates are around 1.31 USD. There is no limitation to import foreign currency, easy to change in all banks.

Due to the high demand of participation from Egypt, Cross Europe Challenge will create special arrangements for participants from Egypt. This special arrangements will include travel arrangements and motorcycle/scooter shipping to and from Europe.

Egyptian participants can enjoy the following travel arrangements:
- Flight reservation between Cairo / Rome and return flight between Barcelona / Cairo
- Airport transfer in Italy from Rome to Naples
- Visa assistance + travel insurance
- Shipping of motorcycles/scooters with marine insurance from Alexandria port to Naples port
- Shipping of motorcycles/scooters with marine insurance from Barcelona port to Damietta port
- Lashing and unlashing of motorcycles/scooters in Alexandria, Naples, Barcelona and Damietta

JUNE 22-29, 2013
Day 1: Early AM: start from Naples, Italy
Ride for 230 km
PM: arrive to Rome, Italy and overnight
Day 2: Early AM: start from Rome, Italy
Ride for 280 km
PM: arrive to Florence, Italy and overnight
Day 3: Early AM: start from Florence, Italy
Ride for 230 km
PM: arrive to Genoa, Italy and overnight