Cross Europe Challenge will start from Naples, Italy, one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world, the originator of the Pizza and once a cultural centre of the Roman Republic then heads North to the Eternal city and the capital of Italy, Rome before riding further North to the heart of Tuscany to visit  Florence, the birth place of the renaissance. The challenge will end its the Italian part of the route in Genoa, the birth place of Christopher Columbus before the challenge teams rides through the sunny Côte d'Azur as they pass and visit Monaco, Nice and then end the French part of the route in the fastest growing city in France, Montpellier. The final stage of the challenge will take place between Montpellier and Barcelona, where Cross Europe Challenge will end in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

230 km Naples, Italy - Rome, Italy
280 km Rome, Italy - Florence, Italy
230 km Florence, Italy - Genoa, Italy
200 km Genoa, Italy - Nice, France
95 km Nice, France + Cannes, France + Monaco, Mont Carlo
330 km Nice, France - Montpellier, France
345 km Montpellier, France - Barcelona, Spain

JUNE 22-29, 2013
Day 1: Early AM: start from Naples, Italy
Ride for 230 km
PM: arrive to Rome, Italy and overnight
Day 2: Early AM: start from Rome, Italy
Ride for 280 km
PM: arrive to Florence, Italy and overnight
Day 3: Early AM: start from Florence, Italy
Ride for 230 km
PM: arrive to Genoa, Italy and overnight